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Wheel Sports Bag

Wheel bag is perfect for storing and organizing your extra wheels. Double handle design makes the bag easy to carry, and the double zipper makes it easy to load and unload. No need to tie your wheels up with a shoelace, or have them rumble around in your skate bag.


The wheels and balance on this great quality case are exceptional. You might not need to carry it by its duffle handle at all as the wide wheelbase makes it really easy to manoeuvre on rough terrain. The telescopic wheelie handle (which is extra-long, a bonus for the taller traveller) retracts and pulls out easily at the push of a button, has a really comfy grip and feels tough enough to survive a bashing on airport conveyor belts. Really spacious for its size, the compartments have been thought out to maximise space and accessibility. The reinforced back panel with plastic buffers gives confidence in the event you drop it or someone weighty sits on it. There’s a large, 88 litre version available too.

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